There is always a special occasion for New Jewelry! Surely to create confidence and put one in a Good Mood ! Give yourself or a loved one a studio made and unique pendant💫, earrings⚜️⚜️ and rings💍, something unusual and bright! We love you and want to always see your smile! Thank you for giving us our inspiration to create unique jewelry! ⚜️💫💜💍

I have created ever since I was a little girl. My daughter's studies in San Francisco Art school! Our small business JOIunique, because it's first letters our names: Julia, Olgetta, Inga.

Our jewelry brings in the life light, energy and spirituality.

We create original pieces using polymer clay, silver wire, amazing original stones, crystal Swarovski, dried preserved leafs and flowers, glitters, acrylic colors, epoxy raisin, some small cute pieces like seeds, beads, metal hearts, and similar things.

Natural Flora & Fauna especially Flowers, with all their colorful variation, have always inspired me. Between their random color, textures, and size, they offer a lot of inspiration when they bloom. Using flowers as my inspiration, I decided to design some simple pendants that are affordable, everyday wears for anyone that loves to add a touch of elegance to their bohemian fashion styles. As much as I love to create with vivid colors, I chose to keep these pendants, earrings often neutral so they can be worn with almost every outfit.

Also, we have bright and fancy Jewelry for the party, for beach time and even for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and other big happy celebration!

Most of my work also has an inspiring message or quote to bring special meaning to the owner. I want my work to feel happy and heartfelt to its owner because it's usually what I am feeling when I create them.

I love to bring a special meaning to each piece I make either with words or design and I try and wear everything at least once so I can send out good mojo to the recipient.

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